OpenLooper (OLP)


Open and Share Your Data!

Loop with Your Co-workers!!

OpenLooper (OLP) collects genome-wide data on chromatin structures investigated by various high-throughput experimental assays, such as Hi-C, ChIA-PET, ChIP-seq, and RNA-seq. Simultaneously, OLP provides a platform that supports opening and sharing high-throughput sequencing datasets.

 4S Feature

The developers are designing OLP in respect of

- OLP manages deposit data with secure sharing and opening

- OLP deals with various types of data formats

- The supercomputer SHIROKANE at HGC , the University of Tokyo, operates OLP

- OLP provides the user-friendly interface with simple usage

 What users signed up can do is ...

 File Upload
 Uploading files into OLP that assigns a unique accession number for each file

 File Attachment
 Uploading and attaching supplementary files to an OLP record

 Genome Browser
 Visualizing multiple BAM/BED/bigWig files

 Zoomable Image Viewer
 Visualizing image files (e.g. Heatmap, Contact map) by smooth zoom in and out

 Open and Share
 Managing OLP records either in public or private mode,
 and sharing private files with other OLP users

 Don't you think ...

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